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//Health, Nursing, Social Services & Education
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OP Certificate in Human Services (Specialty) Link
EIT Diploma in Applied Science Link
Ara Diploma in Enrolled Nursing Link
Ara National Diploma in Mental Health (Mental Health Support Work) Link
OP Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education Link
EIT Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences Link
Ara Bachelor of Medical Imaging Link
Ara Bachelor of Midwifery Link
OP Bachelor of Midwifery Link
EIT Bachelor of Nursing Link
Ara Bachelor of Nursing Link
OP Bachelor of Nursing Link
EIT Nursing for Overseas Registered Nurses Link
OP Bachelor of Occupational Therapy Link
OP Bachelor of Social Services Link
Ara Bachelor of Social Work Link
EIT Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) Link
EIT Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) Link
OP Postgraduate Diploma in Occupational Therapy Practice Link
OP Master of Occupational Therapy Link

Ara = Ara Institute of Canterbury
EIT = Eastern Institute of Technology
OP = Otago Polytechnic

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